Citizen Care Smart Testing & Screening Pods

A customizable, portable and turnkey solution for providing COVID-19 testing and screening. Can be swiftly deployed for broader virus testing during flu seasons and delivery of vaccines.

Our revolutionary Smart Testing & Screening Pod

Our revolutionary Pods serve as portable labs, offering the safest way to administer on-site or community virus testing and screening. 

Designed to safely separate the front-line testing administrator from the patient, providing greater safety for healthcare workers and reducing the need to replace valuable PPE after each COVID-19 test.

Can be rapidly deployed in high-traffic sites, such as construction, airports, sports and entertainment venues, businesses, public works, remote locations, to expedite testing, screening and vaccination on mass scale.

The pod is manufactured in North America within 2-3 weeks, and can be shipped by truck, train or boat.

Purchase or lease options available.

Maximum Flexibility:
  • Utilizing modular construction methods, PCL Construction manufactures and assembles the pods in North America by retrofitting new 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers to support rapid delivery and installation. These units are designed and built to hospital isolation room standards.
  • Heating, air-conditioning, including high efficiency particulate HEPA filters for mechanical ventilation units are standard features.
  • Pods are fully insulated (doors, walls and roof) with spray loom insulation (higher r-value per inch over conventional insulation)
  • Cladding is pre-finished steel panels (non-combustible, all joints between panels are welded, vandal resistant and do not promote mold growth).
  • A true plug-and-play solution, the Citizen Care Pod can be installed with a forklift or positioned in place from a flatbed truck and only requires a separate AC power connection for air conditioning and electric heating. The option of a rooftop solar array and batteries is available to operate low voltage equipment and devices.
  • The pods can be outfitted with the necessary equipment and supplies for testing and analysis within a fully conditioned space, including DC (low voltage) infrastructure to operate all computer equipment and to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • The Citizen Care Pod is equipped with four to 10 testing stations that physically and safely separate the health worker conducting the COVID-19 tester from the individuals being tested or screened.
  • Clients can use their own tech and diagnostic services, or order Citizen Care Pods fully loaded, including technology and diagnostic equipment and testing lab support.
  • Citizen Care’s holistic approach to manufacturing, deployment and installation ensures reduced on-site duration and minimal interruption while reducing the impact of traditional construction disruptions, including noise, dust and traffic, to the surrounding neighbourhood or operational site.
Testing Capacity:
  • One 20-foot unit can test up to 576 people every 12 hours (based on 5-minute testing intervals)
  • One 40-foot unit can test up to 1,296 people every 12 hours (based on 5-minute testing intervals)

Citizen Care Social Distancing Pod

High-quality portable classroom constructed to provide teachers and students with a comfortable and safe learning environment suitable for all weather situations as they return to schools, colleges and universities.

  • Designed with safety and comfort of teachers and students in mind.
  • Functions like a classroom portable, but with the added advantage of being equipped with HVAC systems with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters for the mechanical (ventilation) units, and other safety features.
  • Ideal for class sizes up to 15 students.
Additional features include:
  • Electrical rough-ins for temperature cameras
  • UV LED disinfection lights
  • Wall and door finishes that are easy to clean and disinfect
  • Large operable windows for natural ventilation
  • Separate entrance and exit points for the teachers and students.
  • UV lights and UV knapsack/bag cleaner
  • Built-in hand sanitizer stations
  • Cameras for temperature screening
  • The pod is manufactured in North America within 2-3 weeks, and can readily be shipped by highway, marine and rail transport to get to destinations.

Citizen Care Patient Care Visiting Pod

Provides a safe, comfortable environment to allow visits between patients and family and friends.

  • The standard 40′ long module is equipped with two Visiting Rooms that are physically separated from each other, and include separate entrances and exits for both the visitors and patients.
  • A Waiting Room provides a comfortable space for family and friends until their loved ones are ready to meet.
  • A screening station provides temperature checks for family and friends before they enter a Visiting Room.
  • The unit is positioned close to the ground to limit the length of barrier free ramps.
  • The pod is manufactured in North America within 2-3 weeks, and can readily be shipped by highway, marine and rail transport to get to destinations.
  • The Patient Care Visiting Pod can be purchased or leased.
Accessing and Exiting the Pod
  • The entrances and exits are defined by defined by separate well-defined travel paths for both the visitors and the patients.
  • Patients enter the Visiting Rooms through extra wide exterior doors accessibly from the main building.  Patients do not travel through the Waiting Room or any other parts of the pod.
  • Visitors (upon arrival) check in at Screening Station for body temperature and asked a series of questions prior to entering the pod. Visitors are placed in the Waiting Room until the patient is ready. Visitors enter the Visiting Room from the Waiting Room.
  • When the visit is completed, all people within the room leave through the exterior door to reduce the possibility of contaminating the Waiting Room. Patients exit the pod through the same door and same route as they entered; patients do not travel through the other parts of the pod
  • Visitors also exit through the same door as the patients (the door includes an auto operator and does not require the use of a hand(s) to operate open or close the door – visitors doe not travel back through the Waiting Room
  • After each visit, the Visiting Room is disinfected and ready for the next patient.

Citizen Care Mini Pod

Citizen Care is helping rebuild traveler and staff confidence by providing quick, convenient testing and pre-screening for COVID-19 and during flu season, thereby accelerating the recovery for airports, airlines, transit hubs, and public transportation.

Success Stories
Citizen Care Smart Testing & Screening Pods
Our Pods serve as portable labs, offering the safest way to administer on-site or community virus testing and screening.  They can be rapidly deployed at construction sites, airports, sports and entertainment venues, businesses and remote locations. And they are configurable for multipurpose use.
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