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Citizen Care Boost! COVID-19 Testing & Staffing Solutions
<boost-logo><boost-logo> COVID-19 Testing & Staffing Solutions

We’ll help you implement a cost-effective, government certified testing program on-site or at-home... supervised in person or virtually by our trained nurses.

The BOOST!™ test process is easy. Your staff simply visit to register and book their test date and time.

And if you have the tests, but need a healthcare team to administer swab collection and supervise, we have access to trained personnel.

What's more, our BOOST!™ COVID-19 test comes with access to the BOOST!™ Customer Care team - your own 24/7 health concierge to address any questions and has your back during and after the test process.

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Citizen Care Boost! Digital Health Platform
<boost-logo><boost-logo> Digital Health Platform

Powered by Nursesimple, the BOOST!™ Digital Health Platform allows users to digitally set up a profile, book a virtual or in-person COVID-19 test, access test results as well as proof of vaccination, and show their lab-certified Citizen Care Boost! HealthPass to all relevant authorities.

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Citizen Care Boost! Customer Care
<boost-logo><boost-logo> Customer Care

The BOOST!™ Customer Care team is comprised of trained healthcare and travel professionals, available to provide peace of mind and reassurance 24/7 via toll-free number, text, or online. 

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Citizen Care Smart Testing & Screening Pods

Our portable labs are the safest way to administer on-site or community virus testing and screening. They can be rapidly deployed at construction sites, airports, sports and entertainment venues, businesses and remote locations.

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Citizen Care Contact Tracing Solutions

Our contact tracing platform allows you to avoid costly shutdowns by knowing who was infected and who they were in contact with. All enabled via privacy-compliant wearable technology.

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